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Solvus Zimbabwe is a social innovation centre that seeks to identify, deliberate, collaborate and solve societies’ pertinent issues in the areas of Public Health and Environment with a special focus on the youth and the gender divide. Solvus is a youth-led organisation that believes in young people being at the centre of problem solving. The organisation is based on the premise that only ‘us’ can solve our challenges.

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Our Pillars



Fostering economic emancipation of women through entrepreneurship in an attempt to close the gender divide. We believe women are at the core of economic development and their potential must be harnessed.



We might have not created the problems, but we sure will solve them! Our brain is our greatest resource but our minds can be our biggest obstacles. Our goal is to change the youths’ mind set from the passive victim to the active victors’ mentality. Solvus also seeks to connect people of different expertise in order to achieve a holistic approach to problem solving.

Green Spaces


Without intervention, the earth is at the verge of a catastrophe, Green Spaces is therefore an environmental division of Solvus that strives for sustainable green advances to better the environment. Key areas include Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Public Spaces, and Ecology.



As the world fast digitalises, we concur to the fact that people are spending a relatively longer proportion of their day on the internet; be it on their phones, tablets and/or computers and as such, Solvus proposes to digitalise the health care settings and bring them to your finger tips!

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An Introduction to Lady Bosses

What is Lady Bosses? Lady Bosses is a Women empowerment Initiative that presents for young women an exceptional opportunity to join and create a network of Women Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen in Zimbabwe. Its aim is to promote economic empowerment in line with the National Gender Policy that speaks to gender justice, equality, integration, inclusiveness and shared […]

Feminism Redefined…..

So of late, I’ve noticed there’s a new breed of feminism. Feminism that pressurises women to: i) be what they don’t need to be and ii) be sexist against males. If that’s the new definition of feminism, then I do not want to be associated with it! I started identifying myself as a feminist because […]

MOREMI INITIATIVE ANNOUNCES 2017 MILEAD FELLOWS:- Zimbabwe’s Lisa Nyamadzawo named among Africa’s Most Outstanding Emerging Women Leaders

Accra Ghana, May 31 2017 Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa proudly announces the 2017 MILEAD (Moremi Initiative Leadership and Empowerment Development) Fellows. This new cohort of MILEAD Fellows represents Africa’s most promising young women leaders, who possess the courage and commitment to lead and shape the future of Africa. The Fellows were chosen […]

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What else we provide?

MyStatus App

MyStatus App is an HIV, AIDS and SRH app which comes as both a Web and Mobile Application.The majority of these functions are anchored on information dissemination, mitigation and support, while the rest of the functions major on convenience.

Solar tree Technology

This project seeks to bring to life public places and outdoors such as parks, public sitting areas

Brain ChingChing

This project presents a platform where you can easily use your IP to make dollar!



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